Sweets are always suitable as a gift, whether for employees, family or friends.

At Dropsen you will find everything you can think of in terms of gift ideas and we always wrap the gifts you buy from us, whether they are small or large.

For example, you can order goody bags for children’s parties, pre-packaged Easter eggs or gift wrapping for weddings, confirmations or Christmas presents for your colleagues.

One of our clear favorites are confectionery pieces from our tempered confectionery counters. Here you can choose the favorites for the lucky one yourself.

We also sell gift cards in
our stores!


We have a wide selection of chocolates and sweets that are perfect for weddings, whether as gifts for the bride and groom or guests, or as delicious treats to enjoy during the celebration itself


We understand the importance of impressing customers, employees and business partners with gifts that are both delicate and memorable. Our range of chocolates and sweets offer a perfect balance between quality, taste and presentation to ensure that the corporate gift is appreciated and remembered for a long time to come.

Childrens birthday

Goody bags are a highlight of every child’s birthday. Our selection of candies and sweets will help make your child’s birthday extra special and sweet. With a large selection of snacks, all you have to do is pick and choose.

Gift for the host

Chocolate and sweets are a nice gesture that can bring joy and sweetness to the host or hostess. It shows that you appreciate their hospitality! Most people will appreciate receiving a sweet gift that they can enjoy either immediately or later.


Christmas gifts of chocolate and sweets are always a popular and welcome present at Christmas. Our range of chocolate and sweets gifts have been carefully selected to provide a festive and sweet experience for the recipients. No matter who you want to please during the Christmas season, a gift of chocolates and sweets will definitely spread warmth and joy.


Easter eggs, chocolate and Easter bunnies are an important part of the Easter tradition and give an extra sweet and festive touch to this holiday. Whether you want to give an Easter gift, decorate the Easter table or treat yourself to sweets this Easter, our selection of Easter-inspired candies will be a perfect match to create a magical and tasty Easter experience.

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